How a Lawyer Can Help With The Green Card Process

How a Lawyer Can Help With The Green Card Process

Aug 23, 2023

Immigration attorney Amanda Shaffer shares her experience and expertise in helping you understand how immigration lawyers can make the pivotal difference in obtaining your green card.

How a Lawyer Can Help With The Green Card Process​

I often am asked by potential clients if they “need” a lawyer to file for a green card. It is a fair question considering that an immigration lawyer can be costly. While you have every right to file for a green card without the assistance of a lawyer, hiring a lawyer is something that you should take into strong consideration considering the complexity of navigating the immigration process. An experienced immigration attorney not only will help prevent unnecessary delays and mistakes, we also ensure that clients understand how the process works, what to expect and help manage the inevitable stress that comes along with those long wait times!

Understanding Your Green Card

A Green Card is more than just a legal document, it is the key that unlocks the door of opportunity and the American Dream. A green card, or permanent residence, provides many benefits. First, it puts you one step away from becoming a US Citizen! It also allows the green card holder to legally work anywhere in the U.S. and travel abroad and return at will.

Importance of proper guidance and legal assistance

The immigration process can be very overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with it. A family-based green card generally requires you to submit at least eight (8) forms and hundreds of pages of evidence! Even a simple mistake can set you back months or years in the process. Proper guidance and legal assistance can ensure that you do not have any unnecessary delays or problems due to avoidable problems.

Role of an Attorney

Hiring an immigration attorney can prove to be invaluable in your path to a green card. In addition to preventing mistakes and delays, we have years of experience that have taught us to deal with unexpected problems that popup during the process. We also help clients prepare for their interviews, providing insight that we have gathered during the thousands of green card interviews we have intended.

Determining eligibility for different green card categories

Before you file for a green card, it is important to make sure that you are eligible! Experienced immigration attorneys can usually determine a potential client’s eligibility within minutes. If you apply and you are not eligible, not only will you be wasting money, you can potentially expose yourself to deportation proceedings.

Evaluating the most suitable pathway for the applicant

Immigration lawyers determine which pathway to a green card is best for an applicant by asking a series of questions.

Identifying potential obstacles

Immigration attorneys prevent problems before they start. We make sure that the correct forms are filled out, that they are filled out properly and that all of the required evidence is submitted.

Preparation and Documentation

Under this section focus the attention of the readers towards the importance of preparation of the documents. As immigration lawyers can be invaluable in document preparation by providing expert guidance on compiling and organizing the necessary paperwork, ensuring all required forms are completed accurately and on time.

Completion of necessary forms and paperwork

Immigration lawyers are experienced in navigating the complexities of immigration forms, ensuring accurate completion and the organization of all supporting documents that enhance the success of the application process

Gathering and organizing supporting documents

Immigration attorneys know how to present a case to USCIS so that it is easy to read, understand and approve! We also know how to direct clients to obtain the necessary documents and what to do if the client is unable to obtain certain documentation.

Avoiding common mistakes

By providing guidance, immigration lawyers help applicants avoid common mistakes that could lead to application rejections or processing delays.

Can An immigration Lawyer Speed Up The Green Card Application Process?

Immigration attorneys can help speed up the green card process by ensuring the correct paperwork and documents are submitted. The forms can get confusing and we know what the responses should be. Finally, while USCIS makes it hard to follow up on cases processing for too long, immigration attorneys tend to get responses quicker than non-attorneys when inquiring as to case status.

Handling Complex Cases

Hiring an immigration attorney is even more important if you have a complex case. Complex cases tend to involve criminal history, immigration violations, alleged fraud, even multiple marriages. This means more paperwork and more evidence that is needed.

Assisting with special circumstances that require legal expertise

Experienced immigration attorneys know how to handle cases with special circumstances. For example, we have been able to get a visitor visa for a client from China after she applied twice and was denied. Thanks to our expertise, we were able to put together an evidence packet to address the reasons for the previous denials and help the client prepare for the visa interview.

Addressing issues like criminal records or previous visa denials

Immigration attorneys also are invaluable for clients with criminal records or multiple immigration violations. Determining the effect of a criminal conviction on the green card process requires comparing federal, state and even local law. An immigration attorney will know if you can apply for a waiver or if you are even eligible for a green card as a result of the criminal conviction.

Finding solutions to unique challenges in the green card process

Experienced immigration attorneys are equipped with the know-how necessary to find the solutions that give green card applications the best chance of approval for your unique set of circumstances.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get a Green Card?

Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer is often the pivotal difference for those who obtain their green card. If you want to be prepared to overcome the many hurdles and obstacles that are between you and your green card an immigration lawyer is your best option.


Due to the intricate nature of green card applications, hiring an immigration lawyer is highly recommended. Armed with the expertise of your immigration attorney you are armed with the expertise necessary to prevent errors and overcome the many hurdles of the green card process. Your immigration lawyer can be the key to a smoother path. The Shapiro Lawyers are here to help you obtain your green card and access to your American dream.