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Esquire + Inquire = ESinQuire

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Welcome to The ESinQuire Blog

Welcome to The ESinQuire Blog, the official Blog of The Shapiro Law Firm, LLC!

What does "ESinQuire mean"

ESinQuire = Esquire or Esq. (meaning, attorney/ lawyer) + Inquire (meaning, question)

As attorneys, our job is to answer our clients questions, to keep them informed and up-to-date on their case status. Over the years we have noticed that our clients frequently ask us the same questions.

We figure, if these questions are of interest to our clients, then there must be many other people out there who are looking for these answers as well. Enter, The ESinQuire Blog. The answers you want to know, answered by attorneys with the experience you can trust!

The ESinQuire Blog will also provide:

1. The latest news in immigration law and immigration reform;

2. The Shapiro Law Firm Case Status Updates;

3. Interesting facts and articles relating to criminal, family and civil law, and;

4. #ForeignFlagFriday.

We will redefine your expectation of a legal blog!

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