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#FlagNo33 | #ForeignFlagFriday | Representing Clients Worldwide

#FlagNo33 = Colombia

#Colombia Fun Fact: "In Colombia, there’s a river that’s famous for it’s diverse colors. These colors are formed by the rock formations and the diversity of flora and fauna, causing the river to appear as if it’s made up of a variety of colors including blue, green, orange and red. This river is known as the Caño Cristales in Colombia, and also famous as The Liquid Rainbow across the world." See more here.

*Bonus: Special #Colombia #ColumbusDay Fun Fact: Colombia derives its' name from Christopher Columbus. Colombia was previously called 'New Grenada,' and changed to the 'Republic of Colombia' in 1866.

See you Friday for #FlagNo34!

Happy Friday! Can you guess which country #FlagNo33 is from?

Answer posted on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

#FlagNo33 | #Colombia

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