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Case Status Updates: Work Permit Approval for VAWA Beneficiary

Work Permit Approval: Today we received an approval notice for employment authorization for a client, (hereinafter, "X"), who is a native and citizen of Mali. X received Withholding of Removal and then got married to a Lawful Permanent Resident. X's husband filed a marriage petition on her behalf, but unfortunately he then began to abuse her. We successfully filed a VAWA application for X that was approved earlier this year. Since her ex-husband is not a U.S. Citizen, there are no visa numbers immediately available for her. While she waits to be eligible to apply to adjust her status to that of a lawful permanent resident, X is able to obtain work authorization as a VAWA Beneficiary. X is hopeful that she will have her green card before she is due to renew her EAD card next year.

(*please note that all identification information has been removed in order to protect our clients' privacy and in order to fully comply with attorney advertising rules and regulations*)