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Case Status Update: DACA Approved!

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Approved: Today we received another approval for an initial DACA application. Our client, (hereinafter, "Client X"), is a native and citizen of Jamaica who entered the U.S. with a B2 Visitor Visa at the age of 13. X's mother sent her her here because Jamaica can be a very unsafe place for young girls and X's mother did not feel that she could adequately protect her daughter. X's mother sent X to live with a family friend in Florida whose plan it was to adopt X and apply for her green card. Unfortunately, X and her family friend spent years of frustration dealing with the Kingston Consulate in Jamaica, and they were unable to secure the required identity documents before X turned 16. One must be under the age of 16 when the adoption takes place to allow his or her adopted parent to obtain immigration benefits for that individual. When X came into our office she had just graduated college and found herself having trouble obtaining work because she did not have a work permit. Now that X has DACA, she can legally work in the U.S. and remain her without having to worry about being place into Removal Proceedings. She will need to renew her DACA status in 2 years.