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Case Status Update: Conditions on Permanent Residence removed, 10-Year Green Card Approved!

10-Year Green Card Approved: Today we received another approval on a petition to remove conditions on permanent residence (Form I-751)! Our client. (hereinafter "X"), is a native and citizen of Indonesia. X entered the United States in 2007 on a G-4 nonimmigrant visa as a clerical staff member for the Mission of Tunisia to the United Nations. X subsequently married aU.S. Citizen who was born in Puerto Rico.. X's husband filed a marriage petition on her behalf, and in November of 2012, she received his green card based on the marriage. Because the couple was married for less than 2 years at the time of the green card interview, X only received a 2-Year Green Card. So, X and her husband had to file a joint petition to remove conditions on his residency within 3 months of the expiration date of his Green Card. X and her husband timely filed the petition in September of 2014, but never received a request for evidence so the joint petition was denied for failure to respond. X and her husband immediately refiled the joint petition upon notice of the denial and explained that they did not receive the request for evidence and during that time period, the couple had just gave birth to their first child. A year later, the petition was finally approved! and it was finally approved! X and her husband are happily living together with their daughter in Queens, and because of how long the I-751 process took, X can already apply for her Citizenship!