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What You Really Want to Know | Episode #2 | "What is a Master Calendar Hearing?


Transcript: Hi this is Attorney Aaron Shapiro and this is “What You Really Want to Know” about the Immigration Removal Proceedings Process. Today we are going to discuss the Master Calendar Hearing. I am going to explain the “nitty gritty” not all of the boring stuff on the immigration websites. Here we go. An immigration removal proceeding is 2 parts- we have a master calendar hearing and an individual hearing. What happens is you get served with a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court and on the Notice to Appear it is going to list a number of charges of removability and we are going to go through those charges and we are going to explain to the court and to the Department of Homeland Security’s trial attorney your position on those charges. We are going to explain whether or not you are going to designate a country of removability. We are going to explain whether or not you need a translator. We are going to address the relief that we are going to be seeking, and we are going to explain a little bit about the case. At this hearing, the judge is going to give us a date for the next hearing, we’re going to explain to the court how long we expect the individual hearing to take and we are going to schedule that next hearing. This is a really good opportunity to start your case, you do not really have any alternative, so make the most of it. If you have any questions or if you have been served with a notice to appear, call us: (212) 444-8064. Thanks.