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#ImmigrationWatch2017 - New The ESinQuire™ Blog Series to Address What to Expect When President Trump Takes Office

President-Elect Donald Trump will take office on January 20, 2017, and many people are uncertain as to which of his campaign promises he actually can and will follow through with, especially in regards to immigration.

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Our new blog series #ImmigrationWatch2017 will provide expert analysis on the latest plans put forth by Trump and his transition team. We will answer the questions that can produce grave consequences for millions of people living in the United States. like, can President Trump unilaterally terminate the DACA program on day 1 of his Presidency? Can President Trump deport over 11 million people, and if so, how can he constitutionally do this? And many more significant questions.

An informed and educated public is fundamental to our democracy. Our hope with this series is to (hopefully) ease some tensions among the immigrant community. At the very least, we hope to take away some uncertainty as to what will happen regarding immigration policy over the next 4 years. Please note, President Trump and his team have released very little details regarding his vast policy proposals on immigration reform, so it may be difficult to arrive at concrete conclusions. What we will be able to do at the very least is discuss the legality of the proposals, the constitutional means he must go through to achieve them, the challenges these proposals will face and likelihood of the plan in full or in part actually being carried out.

Check back this week for our first #ImmigrationWatch2017 on DACA.