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What You Really Want to Know | Episode #3 | How do I prove to Immigration that My Marriage is Real?


Transcript: Today on “what you really want to know, we answer the question, “How do I prove to immigration to my marriage is real?”

To answer this question, let’s first look at how immigration defines as a “real” marriage.

A marriage is real if it is entered into for a lawful purpose. Immigration will look at the intent of the parties at the time that they enter into the marriage to see if the parties intend to share a life together or if they got married simply to obtain an immigration benefit like a green card. You will be required to submit your marriage certificate and if you or your spouse were married before, you are going to have to submit copies of the divorce decree to show that all previous marriages were legally terminated. Now any 2 consenting adults can go to down to City Hall and get a marriage certificate, so this alone will not prove that you entered into your marriage in good faith, so what you are going to have to do is submit a whole bunch of evidence showing that you and your spouse intend to share your life together and this is going to be in the form of joint financial documents as well as a shared personal life whether it be pictures or correspondence with family members. There is a whole host of evidence that you can submit. So unfortunately there is no one magical piece of evidence that is going to satisfy immigration. They are going to look at everything that you submit and they are going to make a determination based on this evidence on whether or not you and your spouse entered into the marriage in good faith.

Over the years, the attorneys at The Shapiro Law Firm have compiled a comprehensive list of evidence that our clients have submitted in successful cases to prove that they have a real marriage, and we find that is very important that we supply this list to our clients when they are coming in to file a new petition because no matter how long you have been married, you can be married for 20 years, you can have 17 kids together, known each other your entire life, but most of these people, or most people in general do not really think about how am I going to put my marriage down on paper. So what we do is we help our clients put their marriage into physical documents so that they can show immigration we have a real marriage and there is no doubt about it.

That is all for this episode of “what you really want to know.” If you and your spouse need help filing for a green card, call us today! Thank you, have a good day!