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Case Status Updates: DACA Renewal Approved

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Renewal Approval:

Today we received another DACA renewal approval for a client, (hereinafter, “X”). X is a native and citizen of Guatemala who entered the United States with a B1/B2 nonimmigrant visa in 1998 when he was 15-years-old. X was one of the first to apply for DACA, submitting his application in August of 2012 when the relief first became available. This is X’s 2nd DACA renewal approval. As a DACA beneficiary, X received a work permit has been able to work legally and pay taxes for the past 4 years.

Last year, when X’s mother became gravely ill back in Guatemala and had to undergo surgery, X’s status as a DACA beneficiary allowed him to apply for humanitarian advance parole. His application was granted, and X was able to go back to Guatemala and see his mother for the first time in 17 years. Without the DACA program, X would not have been eligible to apply for a travel document, and thus would not have been readmitted to the United States if he left to go see his mother.

Although X is happy to have his DACA renewal approved, he is hoping and praying that President Trump does not repeal DACA.

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