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#ImmigrationWatch2017 | Topic #4: Sanctuary Cities | **UPDATE**


On Tuesday, I explained what Sanctuary Cities are discussed the protections that these cities have been offering illegal immigrants. I also touched on the NYC ID program created my Mayor De Blasio that permits undocumented individuals to obtain a photo ID and did have information on immigration status on file. I also mentioned that NYC had a "kill-switch" built into the program that would allow officials to destroy all of the collected data for roughly 900,000 people, more than half of whom are illegal immigrants and that a Staten Island lawmaker had filed a lawsuit to stop the Mayor from destroying the data.


After publication, the court issued a temporary injunction to prevent the De Blasio administration from destroying any of the collected data.

What does this mean for undocumented immigrants who have already given their information to city officials in order to obtain a NYC ID?

Nothing yet...the case will move forward so that the court can rule on whether or not city officials may destroy the data collected in conjunction with the program. Read more here.

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