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Case Status Updates: 2 More Work Permit Approvals for Asylum Applicants

Work Permit Renewal Approval: Another Work Permit Renewal granted to our client who is a native and citizen of Senegal, (hereinafter, "Y"), awaiting a decision on a cancellation of removal application for non-permanent residents (aka 10-year cancellation). Y's work permit is based on her status as an asylum applicant as her asylum application remains pending while she awaits her cancellation of removal decision.

Work Permit Replacement Approval: Today we also received an approval notice for Employment Authorization for a client, (hereinafter, "X"), who is a native and citizen of Togo. X applied for Asylum within one-year of entering the country and is currently awaiting his initial interview with the Asylum Office. X's work permit was initially approved in August, however, after he did not receive the actual work permit in his mailbox, it was clear that it was stolen. Since the post office reported that the EAD was delivered to the proper address, X had no choice but to reapply and wait over 5 months before the replacement was finally approved and mailed, this time to our office.

Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of EAD (and Green Cards) being stolen from recipient's mailboxes. USCIS will make you reapply AND pay a filing fee of $410 if their records show that the post office delivered the EAD card to the correct address as listed on the application. USCIS also requires that you file a police report that your EAD card was stolen and include a copy of the report with the replacement application.

If you are worried about your EAD card being stolen out of your mailbox, give yourself piece of mind and contact us today and we can have your sensitive documents shipped to our office instead of your home and hold it for you to come pick up personally!

(*please note that all identification information has been removed in order to protect our clients' privacy and in order to fully comply with attorney advertising rules and regulations*)