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News Release *UPDATE:* USCIS will continue to accept old forms until February 21, 2017.

Breaking News Release from USCIS

On Tuesday, I explained that without any notice to the public, USCIS released new versions of all of the immigration forms and stated that they would no longer be accepting any of the old form editions. Myself, along with immigration attorneys and groups across the nation were surprised and frustrated by this move since USCIS generally provides a grace period where they will continue to accept older form editions to allow the public to take notice. I was further surprised that USCIS did not announce the new form editions in a press release.

Well it looks like USCIS heard our moans and today posted a press release that they will continue to accept the older form versions untilFebruary 21, 2017.

**There is one exception, however, USCIS will ONLY accept the NEW edition of Form N-400, the Application for Naturalization.**

Click here for the full press release from USCIS.

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