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Case Status Updates: Client scheduled for Individual (Merits) Asylum Hearing

Asylum Hearing Scheduled: Last week, Attorney Shaffer attended a Master Calendar Hearing with a client who is a native and citizen of Sri Lanka, (hereinafter, Client "X"). X entered the United States in November of 2013 on a C1 Crewman Visa after he fled his native Sri Lanka. X was being targeted by the government because his employer was caught helping other Sri Lankans seek refugee in Australia. Due to his affiliation with his employer, the government assumed that X was involved, arrested X and detained, interrogated and tortured him for days. X was fortunately released after a substantial sum was paid to authorities by his family. Shortly after, X's family helped him find a job aboard another vessel that was sailing to the United States. X applied for asylum within one year of his entry into this country, but did not use the help of an attorney to file his initial application and failed to include key pieces of evidence, including country conditions.

X has a strong asylum case and he looks forward to credibly testifying about his claim at his full hearing scheduled for the end of 2017. In the meantime, X is able to legally remain and work in the U.S. with a valid work permit.

(*please note that all identification information has been removed in order to protect our clients' privacy and in order to fully comply with attorney advertising rules and regulations*)