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Case Status Update: Conditions Removed- 10-Year Green Card Approved; Work Permit & Travel Document for Adjustment Applicant Approved; Work Permit Approval for Asylum Applicant

Conditions on Permanent Residence Removed, 10-Year Green Card Approved: Today we received another approval on a petition to remove conditions on permanent residence (Form I-751)! Our client. (hereinafter "X"), is a native and citizen of Myanmar. X entered the United States in 2002 as a minor on aV-2 nonimmigrant visa. X subsequently married a naturalized U.S. Citizen who was born in Burma. X's wife filed a marriage petition on his behalf, and in February of 2014, he received his Green Card based on the marriage. Because the couple was married for less than 2 years at the time of the green card interview, X only received a 2-Year Green Card. So, X and his wife had to file a joint petition to remove conditions on his residency within 3 months of the expiration date of his Green Card. X and his wife timely filed the petition in December of 2015. X and his wife were waiting for the past year to be called in for an interview, but their marriage evidence was so strong that their case got approved last week without being called in for another marriage interview! X and his wife are happily living together in their newly purchased home in New Jersey, and because of how long the I-751 process took, X can already apply for his Citizenship!

Form I-797, Notice of Action - I-751 Approval Notice

Work Permit & Travel Document Approved: Today we received approval notices for a work permit and travel document for our client who is a native and citizen of Germany, (hereinafter "Y"). Y receive his EAD and travel document as an adjustment applicant. Y's Green Card application is based on the marriage petition filed by his USC Wife. While Y waits for the approval notice, he can work legally in the United States with the Work Permit and leave and re-enter the country with the travel document as if he was a Green Card holder. Y and his wife should be scheduled for a Marriage Interview shortly.

Form I-797C, Notice of Action - I-131 Approval Notice

Form I-797C, Notice of Action - I-765 Approval Notice

Work Permit Approved for Asylum Applicant: We also received a work permit approval for our client who is a native and citizen of Nigeria, (hereinafter, "Z"). Z entered the United States less than a year ago and is the rider on her father's timely filed Asylum Application. As a rider, Z is entitled to apply for a work permit as if she was the lead Applicant. Z and her family are awaiting their interview wit the Asylum Office.

Form I-797, Notice of Action - I-765 Approval Notice

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