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Case Status Update: Settlement in Child Support Enforcement Case Reached; Work Permit Approval for Asylum Applicant

Settlement Reached in Child Support Enforcement Case: Last week after intense negotiations, Attorney Shaffer was able to reach a settlement agreement in a child support enforcement proceeding. Our Client, (hereinafter "X"), was sued by his ex-wife for allegedly failing to pay childcare and add-on expenses pursuant to the couple's Divorce Decree. There were two main issues that were being contested:

(1) The percentage of childcare X should be responsible for, and;

(2) If the add-on expenses (namely, summer camp and extracurricular activities) that X's ex-wife was seeking reimbursement for was reasonable, as she did not first seek X's consent as was required under the agreement.

After going back and forth for hours with Petitioner's attorney, Attorney Shaffer was able to cut the amount of arrears X owed in half by arguing that Petitioner was asking for more than she should be for the childcare (as she had a child with her new husband who was also using the nanny and her child was not yet school age) and that her failure to seek X's consent for the add-on expenses was a violation of the Divorce Decree. Furthermore, by proving that there was a reasonable disagreement regarding the amount of arrears owed, X was not found in default of the divorce decree and thus X was not required to pay Petitioner's attorney fees.

Work Permit Approved for Asylum Applicant: We also received a work permit approval for a client who is a native and citizen of Mali. (hereinafter, "Y"). Y received his work permit based on his status as an asylum applicant. Y is currently in Removal/ Deportation Proceedings and will go before the Immigration Judge for his first hearing in November.

   Form I-797, Notice of Action - I-765 Approval Notice

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