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Case Status Update: Work Permit & Travel Document Approved for Adjustment Applicant

Work Permits & Travel DocumentApproved: We received another work permit and travel document approval for an adjustment of status applicant. Our client, (hereinafter, Client "X"), is a native and citizen of Cote d'Ivoire. X came to us in 2014 after the Immigration Judge (IJ) denied his application for cancellation of removal and ordered him removed from the United States because X failed to establish that his U.S. Citizen daughter would suffer an extreme and unusual hardship if X was removed from the United States. After a careful review of X's file and the IJ's order, we realized that the IJ omitted key pieces of evidence in the decision that were crucial in determining that X was eligible for the relief sought. Since X came to us within 30 days of the order, we were able to file a Motion to Reconsider based on errors of law and fact in failing to consider the aforementioned evidence. We also filed a Stay of Removal to prevent the government from removing X from the country before his motion to reconsider was decided.

Less than 30 days later, the IJ granted X's Motion to Reconsider, thereby vacating the order of removal and reopening his removal/deportation proceedings.

Not long after, X's U.S. Citizen daughter turned 21 years old, so she filed an I-130, immigrant visa petition for X. Once the I-130 was approved, we file a motion to terminate X's Removal Proceedings. That motion was granted back in September, allowing X to finally file for his Green Card with USCIS.

X was also able to file for a work permit and travel document while he waits for his Green Card application to be adjudicated. Now that X has an approved work permit and travel document, he can lawfully work in the United States and travel in and out of the country at will.

X is patiently awaiting his Green Card interview.

   Form I-797, Notice of Action - I-765 Approval Notice, Page 1

Form I-797C, I-765 Approval Notice, Page 2

Form I-797C, I-131 Approval Notice

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