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Case Status Update: Work Permit & Travel Document Approved for Adjustment Applicant; Work Permit Renewal Approved for Withholding of Removal

Work Permit, Travel DocumentApproved: Last week, we received approval notices for a work permit and travel document for an adjustment of status applicant. Our client, (hereinafter, Client "X"), is a native of Hong Kong and a citizen of Australia. X last entered the U.S. on November 14, 2016, with an E-3 Visa. E-3 Visas are similar to H-1B visas in that they are reserved for high-skilled workers in "speciality occupations," but E-3 visas are reserved only for Australian Citizens thanks to a treaty between the U.S. and Australia. Last December, X married a U.S. Citizen who filed an I-130 Marriage Petition on her behalf. X concurrently filed for her Green Card along with the work permit and travel document. X and her husband are patiently awaiting their marriage and Green Card interview.

Form I-797C, I-765 Approval Notice

Form I-797C, I-131 Approval Notice

Work Permit Renewal for Client with Withholding of Removal Approved: Last week we also received an approval notice for a work permit renewal for our Client, (hereinafter "Y"), who is a native and citizen of Mali. Y was granted Withholding of Removal in 2015 by the Immigration Judge after her Asylum application was denied because she failed to file within 1 year of entering the United States. Withholding of Removal allows Y to remain the United States indefinitely and legally work (provided she timely renews her EAD every year), but Y will never be able to obtain a Green Card through her status of withholding of removal. Had Y been granted asylum, she would have been able to apply for a Green Card a year after her asylum grant. If Y becomes eligible for a Green Card through another means (for example, through marriage to a U.S. Citizen), then she may be able to file a motion to reopen with the Immigration Court to pursue a Green Card and vacate the order of removal. Whether or not Y is every eligible for a Green Card, the good news is that she does not have to worry about being removed/deported form the country.

Form I-797C, Notice of Action - I-765 Approval Notice

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