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What You Really Want to Know | Episode #13 | I have an Order of Removal/ Deportation, if ICE picks me up to remove me, do I have any options?


Transcript: Hi, I’m Attorney Aaron Shapiro and today on “What You Really Want to Know” we answer the question “I have an order of removal/ deportation, if (Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) picks me up to remove me, do I have any options?

The answer once again is, it depends. And it is going to depend on many factors like what the basis of your removal order is, eligibility for relief and what happened at your prior court proceedings.

The reality is, you may simply not have any way to challenge your removal order if ICE decides to execute it because you technically should have been deported when your order of removal became final. Determining what if any options are available to you is very complicated and requires us to analyze many factors like your criminal history, family ties and review your prior court proceedings and immigration history.

The best thing to do is call us now, BEFORE ICE comes knocking on your door or BEFORE your next Order of Supervision (OOS). It is always harder to fight a deportation order with a client behind bars and once ICE arrests you for the purpose of executing your order, they intend to do so very quickly, so time is a major factor and it always works against you. This is why it is important to secure the appropriate documentation NOW.

Plus, if you are eligible for any relief from removal that means you are eligible for that relief NOW! The sooner your applications and motions are filed, the greater your chances are to remain in this country.

If you are walking around with an order of removal, the clock is ticking against you. Contact us immediately to find out if you have any options for relief before it is too late. If there is a way to keep you here, we will know NOW!

That is all for this episode of “What You Really Want to Know.” Thanks for watching!

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