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#ForeignDogFriday | #DogNo10 | Representing Clients Worldwide

#ForeignDogFriday #DogNo10

The answer to the country where #ShibaInu #DogNo10 is from = #Japan

Here is a fun fact about Japan. “The Japanese word for a dog’s barking sound is wan-wan instead of “bow-wow.” Japan’s Akita breed was developed in the 1600s and was once called the royal dog because the emperors kept Akitas as pets. The most famous of all Akitas was Hachikō. Legend has it he waited 10 years at the Shibuya train station in Tokyo for his master who had died while at work. A statue of Hachikō now stands outside the station as a tribute to his loyalty.” For more fun facts about Japan, click here.

Check back Friday for #ForeignDogFriday #DogNo11!

Do you know what country #DogNo10 is from?

Dog breed Hint —> #ShibaInu

#ForeignDogFriday #DogNo10

#ForeignDogFriday #DogNo10

Answer to #ForeignDogNo10 posted Tuesday (due to holiday Monday)!

What is #ForeignDogFriday?


Every Friday, we will pick a dog breed at random that originates from a country where one (or more) of our clients are from. Check back each Monday to find out the answer and a fun fact about that country!

#ForeignDogFriday combines our love of dogs and our diverse and wonderful clients who come to the United States from all four corners of the globe!

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