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Experienced Family Law Attorneys in New York City

Dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations through our unique client centric approach. When you choose the  Shapiro Law Firm, LLC you work directly with experienced NYC based family lawyers. 

New York Family Law

Our Experienced Team Is here to assist you with:

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Family Based Immigration

A U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (green-card holder) may sponsor a immediate family relative at least 21 years of age. The Shapiro Law Firm attorneys are experienced immigration attorneys.

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Child Custody and Visitation

Our experienced New York Law Firm has the experience you need to navigate and understand the complexities of the specific laws that governing child support in the state of New York. Contact us today.

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Divorce is painful and emotionally challenging. Our divorce lawyers have the experience and the compassion to help you successfully navigate navigate the entire divorce process. You will always speak directly to your attorney.

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Orders of Protection

Our NYC order of protection attorneys are here to help you protect the interests of you and your family. If you are the victim of violence and are in clear or present danger call 911 immediately. Then call contact us @ (212) 444- 8064

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Child Abuse & Neglect

Child abuse and neglect accusations are serious and can have serious implications. Our experienced child neglect legal team can help you if your child is in danger or if you are falsely accused.

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Child Support

There are specific laws that govern child support law in New York. Our Child Support Lawyers will help you understand and navigate the complexities of the child support process .

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Domestic Violence

Describe in a few words what this course is about, who is this course for, and how is this course going to help your audience go from where they to where they desire to be, within a fixed time frame.

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Property Distribution

Marital assets and liabilities are distributed in how the court deems fair considering factors such as the length of the marriage and each parties' financial situation. Our NYC property distribution attorneys protect your interests.  

Cases and Issues Our Experienced NYC Family Lawyers Can Help You With: 

  • Annulment

  • Annulment in the state of New York require hearing and a trial before a judge. We provide experienced representation. 

  • Contested Divorce

  • Your interests may best be served outside of a courtroom. When that isn't possible our experienced divorce lawyers will protect you. 

  • Equitable Distribution

  • In New York courts divide marital property prioritizing fairness over equality. Our experienced equitable distribution lawyers protect you.

    • Uncontested Divorce

    • We provide expert advice or representation, even when you believe there are no disagreements, we protect your interests. 

    • Legal Separation

    • Weather it is temporary or permanent we guide and protect your interests throughout the separation process. 

    • Mediation

    • We help you arrive at an agreement less the stress of litigation whenever practical and possible to do so.

    • Annulment

    • Annulment in the state of New York require hearing and a trial before a judge. We provide experienced representation. 

    • Child Support

    • In New York child support must be resolved before a legal separation or divorce can be completed. Our experienced child support lawyers provide the support you need.

    • Father's Rights

    • The Shapiro Law Firm fights for the rights of both parents, Father's have the same rights as mothers. We fight to protect your rights.

    • Child Custody

    • We provide expert advice or representation, even when you believe there are no disagreements, we protect your interests. 

    • Child Visitation

    • Child custody is often very emotional and challenging. Our New York City family lawyerds have the experience you need for a succesful outcome.

    • Grand Parents Rights

    • Depending upon the circumstances you may have certain rights to see and care for your grandchildren.

    Family Law Cases

    Family law cases are often emotionally draining for the parties involved, especially in matters involving child custody and guardianship. The experienced family attorneys at The Shapiro Law Firm understand that due to the delicate nature of these matters, it is generally in the best interests of our clients to limit, if not altogether avoid, court appearances. We have been very successful at keeping these matters out of the courtroom to the extent possible through our effective negotiation and mediation skills

    Family Issues & Immigration Law

    How Family & Immigration Legal Issues Intersect

    A prerequisite to obtaining many immigration benefits is the existence of a particular familial relationship. The family relationship requirement complicates the practice of immigration law due to the fact that a host of additional issues involving other areas of law come into play.  Our vast experience in filing family-based petitions and green card applications has enabled us to become intimately familiar with the relationship between domestic and immigration issues. Even a simple uncontested divorce can have major repercussions on a non-citizen's immigration case. It is crucial to understand the potential impact your family law case can have on your immigration status. At The Shapiro Law Firm, LLC, we make sure to analyze each client's case with a fine tooth comb to ensure that any actions taken in regards to a family law case will not have a negative impact on a client's immigration case.

    Family Law vs. Criminal Law

    Despite increased awareness, domestic violence, ("DV"), remains an issue for far too many people. Often, a DV victim is unaware that he or she is in fact being victimized due to the mistaken belief that DV requires an element of physical abuse. In fact, DV can take take on many forms, including, but not limited to: physical abuse, isolation, economic abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, intimidation, threats, coercion and sexual abuse. A general indicator of all forms of DV is the element of control, whereby one partner in an intimate relationship restricts the freedom of the other partner or puts the other partner in a state of fear. 

    Unfortunately, even in situations where a victim is aware of the abuse, DV often goes unreported or is not reported until after a serious injury takes place. A DV victim's reluctance to get help can derive from a variety of factors. In general, a DV victim is scared of getting his or her intimate partner in trouble or he or she is scared that the offender will retaliate against him or her.

    Due to the prevalence of domestic violence, domestic and criminal issues often intersect in the law. In fact, the criminal court has concurrent jurisdiction with the family court over certain criminal offenses. Concurrent Jurisdiction means that two different courts have the power to hear the same case. Thus, it is possible for both the family and criminal court to have the same case before it at the same time.

    The decision of whether to file a family offense petition in family court or to go to the police, which can initiate criminal charges against the offender, is complex and can result in drastically different consequences in regards to length of proceedings, control over proceedings, penalties and privacy concerns. Provided that there is no immediate risk to your well-being, you should consult with a competent attorney to ensure that you fully understand the pros and cons to filing in each court to allow you to make an informed choice.

    How do you determine if Family Court is the proper court to help you?

    The Family Court's jurisdiction to hear a case is governed by NY Family Court Act (FCA) § 821(1), and is based on 2 factors:
    (1) the victim's relationship to the offender, and; 2) the nature of the criminal offense at issue.


    Although there are no winners when a family breaks up, the right representation will allow you to walk away from the case feeling satisfied and ready to begin the next chapter in your life. We work hard to keep tensions and hostility low. Even contentious cases are capable of being resolved without hostility. You and your family deserve effective representation. The family attorneys at The Shapiro Law Firm, LLC, are dedicated to promoting the best interests of our client. Contact The Shapiro Law Firm, LLC, today to find out how we can protect your best interests.

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